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What is Anavar: Basic guide

What is Anavar: Basic guide

Anavar has become a fairly popular anabolic steroid. In the current market, it is in the top 5 and is the most used and that is why it is soon to become one of the most used steroids in history.

The reason for its popularity is because it is quite good. It is balanced because it has few side effects while being very effective for athletes, men, and women.

And in fact, this is why people are winning. Someone who already consume a steroid without worrying about subsequent adverse effects.

As mentioned, Anavar may become one of the most used steroids in history. And is not for less. You will see, for more than 30 years, several bodybuilders, newbies and people related to sports, have taken this steroid and consider it perfect for them because of all the benefits they experience.

Chemically known as “Oxandrolone”, but only when used as part of a steroid cycle. The objective is to make a cutting cycle to keep the lean mass that has been added even while taking Anavar.

And it is not only to maintain muscle mass but also to improve performance and be much more effective during the training cycle. You can try it in several doses. Anavar for sale that we offer can be found in 10mg x 50 tablets.

But, exactly … What is Anavar?

The data handled by Anavar is known thanks to a study published in 1962 thanks to the pharmaceutical company GD Searle & Co. Laboratories (Currently known as Pfizer).

They developed this medicine for medical use, first of all. In fact, they released it with different names. For example Lipidex, Lonivar, and even Protivar. The point was that it is good medicine to help get muscle mass in people who have lost it due to diseases.

Gold of Anavar’s uses was for burns, chronic infections that were greatly aggravated and also to improve the synthesis of collagen in the body so that several tissues recovered much faster. In fact, It is one of the most commonly used medications to help the body recover from some trauma.

The oral doses in which you can get Anavar are from mg tablets and up to 5 and 10 mg. Although in fact there are some capsules that come in doses greater than 100mg. It all depends on the use they give it. Normally these high doses are used by bodybuilders or high-performance athletes.

What other uses does Anavar have?

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On its own, Anavar 50mg is not considered an anabolic steroid to build muscle mass but rather as a medicine that maintains it.

It is a compound that promotes the maintenance of muscle mass that has been gained during all the training that has been performed.

And in fact, currently, both for medical and sports purposes, this is the main reason why they recommend it. Something that tends to confuse is this aspect that we have just explained.

Indeed, Anavar is a steroid that helps maintain lean muscle mass but not create it. That’s why if you’re looking to gain more than 20 pounds of muscle mass in less than a month, this steroid is not for you.

Anavar is not a steroid to gain lean muscle mass quickly. Although it can help you get some muscle mass in a period of at least 10 weeks, which can frustrate some people since they believe it is too long and that the process is very slow.

This drug is used mostly as part of a cutting cycle, when calories fall and are not at the levels necessary for muscle mass to be maintained, is when Anavar comes into action.

It is also very good to help you burn the fat you gain without losing the muscles you have gained. It reduces fat and also helps you get your body’s definition.

One of the best secrets to make Anavar work is that it is very useful if you accompany it with a good diet. If you restrict calories, muscle mass will be maintained more easily. This helps you slow down protein breakdown while production resumes faster.

Other Anavar effects that athletes experience are increased speed, power, and strength. In fact, they believe that thanks to Anavar they can have better performance and less recovery time during training.

Fewer side effects, more efficiency

Anavar is derived from dihydrotestosterone and that is why it is very good medicine to combat the adverse effects of estrogen.

Although sexual desire increases, it is good medicine to make testosterone increase within the body and be available for future positive uses.

Anavar’s cycles

Anavar is a steroid that can be used very safely. It is generally used as part of an anabolic steroid cycle but not as the main steroid.

Oxandrolone can be taken individually by both men and women. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced, the dose you start with is totally safe for anyone.

There are Anavar tablets up to 250 mg, but obviously, these are much stronger doses that can only be taken by professionals in the area or by patients with strict medical supervision.

Anavar cycle usually lasts for 6 to 12 weeks and the dose should be in the range of 30-50 mg as normal. If it is taken for more than 5 6 weeks you should always take into account the opinion of your doctor.

For women, the most common dose is at least 5 or 15 mg daily. One in the day and one in the night.

You should keep in mind that the doses may vary depending on the situation of each person. Each patient is a world and the needs and responses can be totally different. Like side effects could manifest or not.

Use Anavar safely

Anavar, just like any other medication, is capable of causing many benefits just as it can cause side effects.

Steroids like this one can affect your body’s natural testosterone if the treatment is not consumed responsibly. It doesn’t matter if it’s considered a mild steroid.

Anavar may have some side effects such as acne, deepening of the voice and even enlarging the sexual organs in a worrying way. There are times when men begin to lose their hair and there is an increase in temperament.

Side effects may vary. You may not even experience any or only presentone of the 15 identified. Everything will depend on your own organism.

If you are planning on taking Anavar you should try to do it with a prescription or at least with the supervision of an expert.

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