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Testosterone advance cycle

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  • 2x Testo Depot 250mg/ml x 10ml

During the cycle:

  • Cholesterol support:
    • Lipid stabil (3 caps a day)
    • Fish oil (4g per day)
  • Estrogen support:
    • Tamoxifen( 20-40mg per day)


  • Mass building cycle
  • Common follow up to the beginner’s Testosterone cycle
  • Higher dose
  • Longer duration of intake
  • More pronounced estrogenic and androgenic side effects due to 2x times bigger dosage
  • A bit higher cardiovascular strain but still lower than oral cycles
  • Testosterone as one of the safest and most effective muscle-building steroids
  • For repeated use of a cycle it is recommended to be taken over more adventurous stacking


1200 mg
2400 mg
3400 mg
4400 mg
5400 mg
6500 mg
7500 mg
8500 mg
9500 mg
10200 mg


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