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100mcg x 10

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Human growth hormone created by pituitary organ is a small protein that is discharged in the circulation system. The production of it is controlled by set of hormones from nerve center. There are only few occasions when they are released and that is during sleep, workout and until the certain age. That means that production is active during childhood, peaking in the puberty followed by a slow decline.

HGH was used in sports between 1980 and 2005 until NCAA and IOC banned the supplement due to an extreme strength. Athletes on that supplement had a clear advantage over others. Therefore, they started conducting blood samples to stop the usage. Our bodies need a production of HGH for an important process such as growth, maintaining human tissue healthy, cell regeneration and more. We can divide it in 2 categories.  Category with smaller dosages will give you faster recovery, health benefits and ant-aging process while muscle mass and weight loss can be expected from higher dosages.

Benefits that matter to bodybuilders are bigger energy tank, stronger immune system, increased muscle strength, increased endurance and performance. On the other hand, we have medical benefits such as increased bone recovery, enhanced fracture recuperating, enhanced erectile dysfunction, temperament and cognitive functions improved, decreased cholesterol levels, reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases.

When we talk about HGH we have to mention deficiency. The number one reason why it happens is due to a hormonal inadequacy in our bodies. For us to be able to function normally we must keep our hgh levels in balance. Lack of height is the first example. It is important to mention few side effects that may appear during the usage. As long as you keep your dosages and cycles in check you will avoid them. Some of them are headache, skeletal pain, stiffness, fatigue, weakness, hypoesthesia, paresthesia, mood swings. Since it is taken in injectable form, there is possibility of pain, burning sensation, inflammation, rash or bleeding around an injected area.


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