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Oxandrolone, just what you need to know as a woman

Oxandrolone, just what you need to know as a woman

First produced in 1964 in a laboratory called Searle (better known today as Pfizer), Oxandrolone is one of the drugs that was first designed with one purpose and now meets many other goals.

It was originally created to treat anemia, osteoporosis… But as time went by, new purposes were achieved.

Anavar is used for building muscle mass in patients who have lost weight for different reasons.

Whether due to infections, diseases that have left them in bed and any other medical condition that is capable of causing muscle wasting.

It is considered a mild steroid and bodybuilders and sports-related people tend to use it frequently because of its great benefits.

Many people rely on Anavar to develop their lean muscle mass, reduce fat and improve their performance within the discipline they practice. That is possible but then you should know where to find a high quality and genuine Anavar for sale.

What is Oxandrolone?

As time has passed, opinions about Oxandrolone have changed. The FDA has been imposing restrictions on the use of this steroid in the early ’80s but gradually has been removing them from the shelves.

Sports have also been very aware of everything that concerns Oxandrolone because uncontrolled use can affect athletes.

Even so, with each passing day, both athletes and coaches and doctors realize that Oxandrolone can be wonderful if taken responsibly.

Today, Anavar is one of the most consumed and produced steroids in several countries around the world. In the United States more than anything.

What are the effects of Oxandrolone?

Oxandrolone is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Its anabolic properties have a reasonable level and in fact, it has very low androgenic effects.

The reason is that this medicine has very little ability to interact with the 5-alpha reduction enzyme. Therefore, it does not have the same potential as testosterone as such, but it prevents and reduces intense masculinization.

Another important property that should be mentioned is that Anavar does not aromatize. Therefore, it does not convert to estrogen and also promotes the linear growth of muscles without water retention.

This last aspect is one of the most important for bodybuilders because it works in both men and women when reasonable doses are applied.

Anavar is a steroid-type medication that does not directly intervene in the production of natural testosterone. Feature that is typical in anabolic steroids. In fact, the use of Clomid and Nolvadex is sometimes not necessary when using Anavar in regular doses.

Side effects of Oxandrolone

There are several studies that have been conducted which have shown that taking the correct doses, whether low or high, your body will not be affected. The trick to avoiding serious adverse effects is to learn to take the exact dose that your body can tolerate.

Also, if you use Oxandrolone as an independent steroid you won’t even have to use other medications to counteract the side effects later. This is because Anavar is not going to become estrogen and that is why there is a certain impact on the production of hormones.

Since there are no species of estrogen that can interfere with the production of testosterone carried out by the human body, there will be no major side effects in the person taking this medicine. In order for these side effects do happen, larger doses of Oxandrolone are needed.

What you have to be aware of is not to get a higher dose than your body can bear. If you take a large amount of this drug, your natural testosterone production may be affected enough.

Bodybuilders who use Oxandrolone routinely use it to increase the growth of their muscles but always run the risk of developing some dependence on this drug.

The reason is that this steroid is designed to pass through the liver without metabolic processes modifying it. Although this makes it a very simple remedy to consume it causes additional stress to your organs.

Some of the most experienced side effects of having a bad Anavar administration is acne, swelling of the arms, hands, feet, and ankles.

There are times when the clitoris is enlarged, the voice intensifies and even the hair increases in women.

Pain and inflammation are typical things that happen in both sexes as well as frequent, difficult and painful urination.

Compared to other steroids

There are several studies around Oxandrolone. There is one in which it is understood that Anavar is not completely metabolized with other steroids.

Even about 30% of the medication is excreted when urinating. It was determined that this is because it is a much milder and less hepatotoxic drug than the similar steroid.

Oxandrolone has been compared with many other steroids and in all results, it has managed to have lower markers of liver stress.

Many athletes report that they have not had problems with this medication and that makes many people feel more comfortable using it.

Let’s talk about Oxandrolone results

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Oxandrolone is very popular among bodybuilders and athletes in disciplines that involve the use of force and muscle building. All athletes who need to use their muscular strength and endurance are those who fully rely on Anavar results.

Anavar produces incredible muscle gains without any water retention. Muscle recovery is tremendous and even helps you lose fat without compromising lean muscle mass that has been gained. These benefits are evidenced by taking an adequate and responsible dose of Oxandrolone. You can ask any doctor.

Oxandrolone is a drug that is used more than anything in a cutting phase, where avoiding water retention in the body is an important part if what is sought is to get a well sculpted body. Oxandrolone is known to be one of the favorite steroids of women. The reason is that it does not promote the masculinization process than other medications do.

For women, a daily dose of 5mg is enough to produce great growth in the muscles. Any other dose should be controlled by a doctor since the effects of virilization can be much larger. There are users who have in fact combined Anavar with other anabolic steroids and it has worked for them.
But everything must be controlled by an expert doctor who knows what your body can bear.

The recommended dose for men of 20mg or 80mg daily. But it all depends on the person’s body and what their doctor or coach recommends. The trick to being able to have the best of Oxandrolone is to take the treatment responsibly otherwise you will only create dependence and put your health at risk.

There is no doubt that you get the best results thanks to this medicine. Do not miss this incredible opportunity.

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