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Why is Clenbuterol the # 1 Pill Used by Bodybuilders to Cut Weight

Why is Clenbuterol the # 1 Pill Used by Bodybuilders to Cut Weight

Known as Clen or Clenbuterol, this medication is n beta-2 receptors that work as a fat reducer in the body. It works in a similar way, so to speak, as ephedrine or amphetamine. It does not do it identically but it works so that you can get a simple idea. The use of Clen is known to increase temperature, blood pressure, among other things, but that does not mean anything compared to the benefits it can give you.

Clenbuterol is known in chemistry as Clenbuterol hydrochloride or with a somewhat complex formula. It is also popular for achieving much higher performance than any of the other medications that are aimed at fat loss.

Medical Advantages of Clen

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When a person consumes Clenbuterol, they will realize that their body can make it work somewhat quickly and lastingly once it enters the body. Clen is absorbed and processed in an average of 20 minutes and if you take it as a pill, you will see how this time can be optimized by up to 83%.

The liver is able to metabolize Clenbuterol and then excrete it in the urine. Only a small 5% is excreted in the form of feces. If you do a test, you will find that there are high concentrations of Clen in the liver, the left ventricle and also in the lungs. But doctors conceive this in a normal way since it is not that all the complement has been lodged but that is where the levels come out highest.

Doctors and experts are also able to prescribe Clenbuterol to those who have had an inflammatory disease in their airways and that causes some obstruction. They can also be prescribed for patients who have suffered from bronchopneumonia and other types of respiratory diseases as common as asthma.

Clenbuterol becomes moderately selective to the point of only working with beta-2 receptors. In very few cases it has been possible to observe a patient in which Clen has managed to make contact with alpha-type receptors. It is something that no study has been able to verify since this medicine is very exclusive only of this type of receptor.

The effect of this drug within the human body is characterized by depending on the distribution of beta-adrenergic receptors in the body. Due to this characteristic, Clenbuterol exclusively can only deal with 3 of the 9 types of receptors that exist in the human body. It is from here that lipolysis begins and the burning of excess fat within the body of people.

Athletes’ Use of Clenbuterol


While it is true, Clenbuterol plays a unique role within the world of sports. It has become one of the most important medicines for athletes to begin to perform better than anyone could expect. Through the years, there have been a large number of professional athletes who have confirmed that they consume Clen and that they are applying it within different cycles.

Even hockey players consume Clen the most since they need to have more muscle mass when they are on the ice. Several Australian rugby players and even NFL players have tried Clenbuterol within many treatments and it has given them the results that they and their coaches have been waiting for. It is usually used by these types of people who want to start maintaining your muscle mass and strength but still want to lose weight.

There are those who use Clenbuterol along with other medications while there are others who use it uniquely within the same cycle. This means that Clen can perform just as well as when combined with other medications. It can even perform much better than an anabolic androgen, and this will keep your muscles the way you need them.

Many people have confirmed that Clenbuterol can minimally assist muscle growth if you combine the entire cycle along with a good exercise routine. Clenbuterol is very good medicine to start a cutting cycle that helps your metabolism to return to its normal rate of hormone production and will even help you keep burning certain calories that are in your body.

The key benefit within Clenbuterol is its own ability to drastically reduce abdominal fat and that is going to make cutting cycles even more exceptional than what they sometimes describe to you. Thus, it should be noted that Clen can be included in any post-cycle therapy that a person decides to start after an intense cycle of muscle building.

Some have called Clenbuterol as the secret to a successful diet. And we can give them all the reasons. This is true since people who start consuming Clen and also a healthy and calorie-free diet are the most successful in losing weight. All of them are always looking to lose those extra kilos and with Clenbuterol and the right diet, they will succeed.

Clenbuterol is also known to help athletes maintain intensity and strength within their workouts. This is going to allow them to lose fat and reach bigger and toned muscles. The cutting cycles that include Clenbuterol are conceived as a way to improve your own image. In this way, all patients are satisfied with the results they are obtaining, since they are not going to lose muscles that they have previously gained, but they are going to forget about that fat that stresses them so much.

Another thing we should mention is that women bodybuilders take Clenbuterol pills in a pyramidal form and with doses that are organized in schedule forms. All this under the strict supervision of their trainers and GPs. It is very true that women need much lower doses than men bodybuilders to see better Clenbuterol results. This is because their body weight is much lower than that of men and remember that the doses are based on this aspect of people.

Clenbuterol for sale will allow you to get a new life. Away from that fat that does not allow you to have the figure you want. We are sure that is what you give an opportunity you will see the results that you are waiting for.

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