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Anavar – The Ultimate guide of the most popular steroid in 2019

Anavar – The Ultimate guide of the most popular steroid in 2019

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Anavar is an anabolic steroid, most often in the form of a tablet that is developed to assist people with certain conditions.

Today we will tell you everything you ought to know about the steroid and where to find Anavar for sale.

What are anabolic steroids and what is their usage?

Most people want to be healthy, feel and look good. That is all attainable thanks to the hormone called Testosterone. It is the most vital male hormone found in testis.

Testosterone is often related to sex drive, bones, muscles, fat storage, production of red blood cells and sperm production.

Normal levels of Testosterone are required for your body to function properly. What happens if there is a decrease in those levels? Let just say that a variety of symptoms appear which are better to be avoided.

The first anabolic steroid was synthesized in Germany in the 1930’s and it was Testosterone. Anavar came to the stage 30 years later.

Anabolic steroids as synthetic hormones, were developed to treat hormonal issues. They are a fundamental figure that helps athletes and bodybuilders boost their performance and improve their physical appearance.

Today we will see what is this steroid called Anavar, what is its usage and benefits, its place in bodybuilding and professional sports, cycles and doses, stacking with other steroids, side effects and more.

What is Anavar?

anavar chemical structure

Anavar is an anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) also known as Oxandrolone, Oxandrin and Var. It is categorized as a C17-aa (17 alpha-alkylated) orally active anabolic steroid, a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Anavar molecular makeup is C19H30O3 and chemical name 17ß-hydroxy-17a-methyl-2-oxa-5a-androstan-3-one.

You can find both active-Oxandrolone and inactive ingredients: magnesium, stearate, lactose, hydroxypropyl, cornstarch, methylcellulose.

With the anabolic-androgenic ratio of 320:25, you can see it is a lot more anabolic (3 times more anabolic than testosterone) than androgenic. Due to its high anabolic ratings, you can expect nice lean muscle gains. With the lowest possible androgenic ratio of 25, it is considered the mildest among all steroids.

Since the steroid is well balanced with many uses and just a few side effects, it quickly became popular among bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and both male and female athletes.

Anavar is prescribed to support recovery from:

  • Muscle wasting after injury
  • Bone pain associated with osteoporosis
  • Trauma recovery
  • Chronic infections
  • Severe burns
  • Collagen synthesis
  • Promotion of tissue
  • Turner syndrome

Regarding the Controlled Substances Act and its legal status in The United States, it is listed under Schedule III controlled substances. Schedule IV in Canada and The UK.

Due to its mild nature. Anavar is also called a “girly steroid”. It is one of the few steroids that women can use. Men should not be worried about this as it has already proved how useful it can be.

It is used more as a cutting supplement rather than as a bulking supplement. Likely for women, they can use it for both. Men can only use it as a bulking steroid if it is stacked with a steroid such as Testosterone.

Oxandrolone is known to reduce the amount of fat in areas such as the stomach, lower back and upper legs while building a more defined physique.

Anavar History

G.D Searle & Co was the first company that manufactured Anavar back in 1962. The usage of steroids spread rapidly across the world in a matter of few years. Until 1989, it was one of the hottest products. Then one day FDA cracked down on G.D Searle & Coo over the sale of steroids and banned it for non-medical purposes.

It wasn’t long until another company took over and started producing the drug but under the different brand name- Oxandrin. Oxandrolone was back on the market as the most sold product. One issue was that it was too expensive due to the company’s monopoly on the market. A Few years later new companies emerged and lowered the price of the drug. Luckily, today you can find one of the average costs of Meditech Pharmaceuticals.

Anavar benefits

anavar benefits

The reason why people use this mild steroid is due to various Anavar benefits and barely a few negative effects.

Oxandrolone was developed in the way that both genders can use it. Even though it is called a girly steroid, it is still immensely powerful for cutting body fat, boosting energy, increasing strength and much more.

Let’s see some of Anavar benefits that made it popular among bodybuilders and athletes.

  1. Protein synthesis is increased
  2. This is the process that replaces and repairs weak and damaged proteins with new and strong proteins.

    This results in more lean muscle mass and muscle growth.

  3. Nitrogen retention is also increased
  4. Nitrogen is crucial for muscle growth and is only found in proteins.

    When nitrogen intake is greater than nitrogen output, muscles grow.

    If the body is in a positive nitrogen balance, you can then say that the body is in an anabolic state.

    This results in faster muscle growth and muscle recovery.

  5. Increase in strength
  6. When using this steroid, you experience great strength gains.

    When your body has a positive nitrogen balance, it has more fuel, allowing you to have harder and longer workouts.

    That eventually leads to gains in strength.

  7. Doesn’t aromatize into estrogen-like other anabolic steroids
  8. Steroids such as Winstrol, Trenbolone and Anavar don’t convert into estrogen.

    Estrogen is a female hormone that appears in men as a side effect. You may experience gynecomastia, water retention and fat storage.

    This is the case with anabolics that have estrogenic side effects, but not with Anavar.

  9. Burns fat
  10. Oxandrolone is the most useful when it comes to burning fat. During a caloric deficit, it keeps the metabolism high and retains lean muscle mass.

    Anavar preserves muscle mass and muscles are those that burn energy.

    Bodybuilders get defined, a hard and vascular physique without losing anything.

Anavar Results

anavar results

Anavar results in significant fat loss and strength increase. You will end up with a hard and more defined body. Since it is an anabolic steroid, you should put on some muscles, but not necessarily. It builds muscle tissue that provides strength rather than size.

Don’t expect to see the results by just taking the steroid. You are expected to have a strict diet and hard training schedule. With all those combined you are guaranteed to achieve satisfying results.

In the first week of usage, you can expect to lose unnecessary water weight. This should immediately make you feel and look better, followed by the energy boost

By the time you end with the second week, your abs will be more noticeable since you lost a big amount of fat. Immense results will be present as well as strength gains.

After exactly one month your body will become strong and more defined. That is only valid if you have been exercising and dieting while taking the steroid. Even if you have lost the weight you will be capable of lifting heavier weights than prior to the cycle.

After concluding the cycle on the 6th week you will achieve everything you wanted to achieve. You will look extraordinary, but it won’t just be your appearance, you will be more powerful than ever before.

In this example, we used results from a person that was already adequate shape. Anavar just gave him that extra push he needed.

If you are overweight this doesn’t apply to you. What this means is that you will lose an enormous amount of fat, but you won’t become ripped in just 6 weeks. Most likely you will have to run 2-3 cycles.

Anavar effects

anavar effects

If you want gains in muscle mass, this is not the steroid for you. It is possible but only if you plan on stacking Anavar with another supplement such as Dianabol.

But gains in lean muscle mass, fat loss and improved athletic performance are some of the Anavar effects.

Its results are manifested through gains in strength, especially if a person’s goal is to improve athletic performance in terms of speed and power.

Since it doesn’t convert to estrogen, bodybuilders can achieve a lean look without worrying about water retention.

It is great for preserving muscles during caloric deficit and throughout cutting cycles.

Unfortunately, there are some negative effects. They are the mildest among all steroids, but they are still not pleasant.

It causes a hormonal imbalance which affects your libido.

The production of testosterone is suppressed but the exact amount depends from person to person.

It negatively affects cholesterol. Oxandrolone targets the lipids that cause LDL – bad cholesterol levels to increase while decreasing HDL- good cholesterol levels.

Anavar is often connected to infertility. Not low-medium doses but those higher than 80mg a day. That is because it suppresses testosterone levels.

Pregnant women should avoid it at any cost. Any negative effect is passed to the baby and can result in stunted growth. One of those negative effects is virilization (female taking on male characteristics).

Hormonal changes occurred in the thyroid under the effects of Anavar, correspond to fat loss.

Any drug in an oral form will negatively affect your liver. That is why oral steroids cause liver damage.

Anavar dosage

anavar dosage

It is essential to determine the right Anavar dosage. By doing this you will be able to use it safely and get the positive results you want while avoiding side effects.

The same benefits from the same dosing cycle won’t apply to everyone. There is a certain degree of personalization.

Males find it very useful for cutting phases but not to build mass in the body. They would require high dosages which are not efficient.

On the other hand, women find it effective during both cutting and bulking cycles. The list of steroids they can use is very limited. With most of them, they will develop male characteristics. What they need is a steroid with mild nature and this is Anavar.

During off-season, women find it efficient to use it in bulking purposes.

The dosage of Anavar depends whether you are an athlete, fitness enthusiast or bodybuilders.

Most men run it for 8-10 weeks. Athletes and beginner steroid users go for daily dosages of 20-30mg. More advanced steroid users increase the dosage to 30-50mg a day. Bodybuilders tend to take 80-100mg a day. That is extreme and should be extra careful as it may bring side effects.

Woman’s cycle is shorter as they are allowed to run it only for 4-6 weeks. They stick to daily dosages of 10-20mg. Anything more than that and you are on track to develop male characteristics. After the cycle, you are advised to take a rest for an equal amount of time off the steroid before starting again.

Anavar has a short half-life of 8-10 hours. It ought to be taken twice a day, once in the morning and once at the nighttime.

Anavar cycle

anavar cycle

Anavar cycle is one of the most popular weight loss and bulking steroid cycles in the world.

It helps patients who have been bedridden for a while due to extreme medical conditions or operations. Muscle tissue is lost and Anavar helps build it back up.

Bodybuilders and athletes find it useful to boost muscle mass.

It is up to you whether you want to run Anavar only cycle or you want to stack it with other anabolic steroids making the most of it.

Beginner cycle

Beginners should take daily dosages of 30-40mg which adds up to 210-280mg per week.

The total length of the cycle is 12 weeks. Anavar Is used for the first 8 weeks. This is extended compared to other anabolic steroids which are usually taken for 4-6 weeks.

Testosterone is a crucial part of the cycle is taken throughout the whole cycle. It is injected once a week with a dosage of 300-500mg.

In this cycle, testosterone is used in its long-ester form. The reason is that beginners find it easier to administer doses and time.

Testosterone dosages in the beginner cycle are significantly higher than typical doses in bodybuilding. This increases the chances of water retention due to conversion to estrogen.

Anavar30-40mg per day1-8
Testosterone Enanthate300-500mg per week1-12

Intermediate cycle

For this level of the cycle, testosterone is used at doses used during TRT- Testosterone Replacement Therapy which is 100mg a week.

Testosterone doesn’t act as a major agent in this cycle rather as support, maintaining the normal physiological functions.

Anavar dosage is increased to 70mg a day, adding up to 490mg per week. It should work as a major anabolic compound in this cycle.

This cycle is often recommended to help you build lean mass, lose fat and shredding.

Anavar70mg per day1-8
Testosterone Enanthate100mg per week1-12

Advance cycle

In this cycle, short-estered anabolic steroids are used instead of long-estered. The reason is that they reach peak blood plasma levels of hormones quicker.

So instead of Testosterone enanthate, there are testosterone propionate and trenbolone acetate.

This results in the fast, powerful and effective cycle.

Testosterone is acting as a support while Trenbolone and Anavar are acting as a crucial muscle-building agent. They don’t aromatize and carry as little risk of estrogenic side effects.

The advance cycle is recommended for shredding and bulking.

Anavar100mg per day1-8
Testosterone Enanthate100mg per week1-8
Trenbolone Acetate100mg every other day1-8

Anavar and Dianabol

By combing a bulking steroid such as Dianabol with a cutting steroid such as Anavar you get the best possible results.

Bodybuilders tend to use it for 10-12 weeks. Dianabol as a kick-starter is used for the first 4 weeks of the cycle, followed by 6 weeks of Anavar usage.

There are two cycles, one for beginners and one for advanced users.

A bginner cycle is consisted of:

  • 100 tablets of 10mg Anavar
  • 200 tablets of 5mg Dianabol
  • 24 tablets of 50mg Clomid

An advance cycle is consisted of:

  • 150 tablets of 10mg Anavar
  • 300 tablets of 5mg Dianabol
  • 36 tablets of 50mg Clomid

Anavar for women

anavar for women

The number one reason why Anavar is popular among women is that it is very mild.

With its anabolic-androgenic ratio of 320:25, making it the lowest ratio of all anabolic steroids.

Now you are probably wondering what anabolic-androgenic ratio has to do with anything. It is connected with virilization. The higher it is, the higher the chance of virilization.

If you have seen a woman develop male characteristics due to her workout routine and supplements, you now know that she is experiencing the process called virilization.

You may experience negative effects such as:

  • Voice deepening
  • Changes in facial structure
  • Growth of hair in unwanted places
  • Enlarged clitoris

It seems reasonable that you want to avoid this at any price. Anavar daily dosage for women is 5-10mg and 10-20mg for bodybuilders.

By following the prescription and keeping the doses low, you will avoid those side effects.

Most anabolic steroids have a high anabolic-androgenic ratio therefore women are advised to stay away from them.

Another reason why it is a usual choice is because of it being fast and mild in nature.

Women can expect Oxandrolone to increase their lean muscle mass and harden their muscles. Without making any changes to your body, it notably increases strength.

Oxandrolone kicks in quite fast and you will be seeing results in a matter of weeks. A common cycle length for women is 4-6 weeks. Since its 10 hours half-life, the dosage should be split in two and taken once in the morning and once at the nighttime.

Oxandrolone doesn’t aromatize and it is much less toxic to the liver than other steroids.

Conversion to estrogen doesn’t happen at low doses such as 10mg per day and estrogenic side effects such as water retention will be avoided.

Anavar side effects

Every anabolic steroid has some side effects. The good news is that they are associated with abuse.

By taking your dosages responsibly and following the cycle prescription, they can be avoided.

Once the usage is stopped, side effects will be reversed, at least most of them. But some, such as a voice deepening in women may become permanent.

So lets have a look at Anavar side effects:

  1. Suppression of testosterone production
  2. High doses of Anavar are required for men to build lean muscle mass. That can lead to suppression of testosterone production. You won’t feel It, but it will be present. Protein synthesis is based on testosterone and you may not get hard and good-looking gains as you wanted.

  3. Liver damage
  4. Anavar together with some other oral steroids are c-17aa (C-17 alpha alkylated). This makes them resistant to breakdown in the liver and they can pass through more than once. This adds extra stress on your liver.

  5. Heart attacks due to low cholesterol
  6. A negative shift in the levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) and HDL (high-density lipoprotein) occurs during the usage of the steroid. LDL levels go up while HDL levels go down and it should be the other way around if you want to keep your body healthy. LDL can result in clots followed by hearth attacks.

Other common side effects:

  • Hair loss
  • Body swelling
  • Weight gain
  • Mood swings
  • Kidney damage
  • High blood pressure
  • Skin problems

And here are few side effects related only to females:

  • Voice deepening
  • Growth of hair in unwanted places
  • Enlarged clitoris
  • Irregular menstrual periods

Anavar and Post Cycle Therapy

anavar post cycle therapy

Is it necessary for Anavar users to go for Post Cycle Therapy?

Most often than not, bodybuilders tend to use PCT after completing their cycle. Taking certain drugs, helps your body restore its natural functions.
It is highly recommended for steroids that cause a suppression of testosterone.

Some believe that the use of Clomid or Nolvadex as the Post Cycle Therapy steroids is not necessary after Anavar use.

Certain levels of suppression are present but it significantly less suppressive than other anabolic steroids.

Natural production of testosterone is not affected by low doses as Oxandrolone doesn’t convert to estrogen and aromatize. The androgenic actions of this steroid can trigger it but in rare cases.

But this is only valid for low doses. The suppression of natural testosterone production at higher doses will most likely occur, at least to some degree.

If you plan on taking higher doses of Anavar, we recommend that you run Post Cycle Therapy. It will prevent liver problems (hepatotoxicity) and protect testicular functions.

In terms of liver stress, Oxandrolone among all oral anabolic steroids will cause the lowest markers. In this case, PCT is not that important.

It is not entirely metabolized as other oral (17aa) steroids. 30% of the steroid is discharged by the urine.

Additional supplements that you could find benificial:

  • Omega-3 – protects the heart and blood vessels, normalizes cholesterol levels and the lipid profile
  • Hepatoprotectors – protects the liver from toxicity caused by oral steroids
  • Cortisol blockers (BCAA) – keep muscles from maximum destruction
  • Growth hormone and peptides – maintain muscle mass, reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Testosterone booster – help to stabilize hormone levels

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