Anavar side effects in men and women

Anavar side effects in men and women

Steroids can surprise you a lot. It is no secret to anyone that the chemicals that make it up can cause certain side effects in people. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, Anavar can cause you adverse effects on your health in the short and medium and long term.

What happens in the case of Anavar is that it has minimized side effects, if not almost eliminated. There are those who confirm that you may not even experience adverse reactions. In all cases, those who use it only get positive results.

Even so, it is necessary to understand some things about Anavar so that, even if there is very little chance that you will experience a side reaction, you know that it is exactly what you are consuming. Anavar is made of Oxandrolone, this is its active compound.

When side effects happen, they are usually related to dihydrotestosterone. The problem lies in the suppression of testosterone and that is why there is a virilization process that we will analyze throughout this review.

Let’s talk about the side effects

The adverse effects of Anavar are similar to those of dihydrotestosterone. In fact, there are cases where they are the same. There are those who tend to have acne and often their skin begins to crack and “breaks”. This is annoying and is, in fact, one of the first indications that Anavar is having side effects on your body.

Outbreaks usually appear on the back, on the shoulders and sometimes extend to other places such as the chest and face. If you are starting to use Anavar you should worry not only about having a good diet but also about your skin. Try to clean and dry it properly at all times.

If you are already an acne-prone person, you should make sure you wear a clean shirt after training. Or at least take a shower immediately. People who have sensitive skin often have rashes easily because Anavar can facilitate the process.

Another of the best-known side effects is related to genetics. DHT tends to affect the hair follicles and deteriorates them. That leads to imminent hair loss that leads to baldness. The detail is that this only happens to men who are genetically predisposed to suffer from baldness. If it’s genetically programmed, let me tell you that Anavar is only going to speed up the process.

Some try to counteract all these side effects with a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor better known as Finasteride. The brands that distribute it are Propecia and Proscar. But its use, although probably the best option to help you, can eventually suppress androgens. So you should be careful.
If you are not genetically programmed to lose your hair, then Anavar is not going to make this happen. You will stay with your normal hair.

Enlarged prostate

One of the most worrisome side effects is an enlarged prostate. If Anavar gets to cumulate a lot in the body, these massive amounts of the hormone may cause indiscriminate growth of the prostate.
As a precaution, if you already have the prostate a little big. It is recommended that you do not consume Anavar. This is to prevent something from happening badly. If your prostate grows much more because of Anavar, you will surely have a serious health problem. But if your prostate is enlarged because you took other supplements, all is not lost.

Finasteride shows that it can be useful if it is taken for six months. You can reduce the enlargement of the prostate either by Anavar or by any other medication.


One of the biggest side effects that can be faced due to Anavar is liver toxicity. Although Anavar’s natural result is quite mild, if you take it properly, you may not increase liver enzymes. This is how the performance dose generally does not cause any liver-related damage.

If you are going to consume Anavar, it is recommended that you do not drink alcohol. Not even socially. The less you consume it the better. The reason is that you should avoid possible reactions that have both alcohol medications and alcohol with your body. Already in itself, alcohol has many side effects in the body, imagine if you combine it with high-risk medications.

If you are able to follow these rules we are sure that you will get a good Anavar performance in your body without compromising the integrity of your liver. Even if your liver enzymes increase while you consume Anavar, when you enter the cutting cycle, all levels will return to their normal levels. Obviously, all this is as long as you consume Anavar responsibly.

Know the side effects of women

Anavar’s adverse effects have a different way of dealing with women. Although there are some similarities to those that appear in man, however, there are some that only occur in female patients.

One of the main side effects of women is the development of male traits. This process is known as virilization and is the most serious adverse effect on women who consume Oxandrolone. Most women who consume Oxandrolone irresponsibly tend to suffer from this.

However, those who do follow the treatment in a good and responsible way do not have this problem.

Some of the symptoms that appear when you start taking Oxandrolone are the thickening of the voice, indiscriminate growth of the muscles and even enlargement of the clitoris. Just when you see that any of these is happening, we recommend that you stop the treatment and thus get everything back to normal.

In order for you to be safe, we recommend you start taking only 10 mg of Oxandrolone for no more than 6 or 8 weeks. The idea is that this dose does not accelerate any hormonal suppression process within your body.
Some women who dare to increase their dose tend to undergo a rapid or gradual virilization process depending on how many milligrams they increase from their pills. The experience can be positive as long as you take into account the opinion of experts and doctors.

The highest medically recommended doses for a woman are those of 15 mg up to 10 mg from there it can be a bit risky to consume Oxandrolone due to all that this implies. So if you are a woman, try to stay within the parameters established by all the experts.

Oxandrolone is a medication that can have some side effects but also other advantages. The most important thing is that you know what doses are best for you and so you can keep everything in order. Do not let the opinions of others lead you to consume doses that will only cause you to deteriorate your health.

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