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The half-life of Anavar and how does it affect your libido

The half-life of Anavar and how does it affect your libido

It is no secret to anyone that Anavar has certain interactions with some hormones within the human body.

The main hormone affected is testosterone and that may affect sexual desire for both men and women.

Developed by the Pharmaceutical Searle in 1964, Anavar was formulated as a medicine that works as a safe and gentle anabolic steroid that can be ingested very easily.

Most people who use this steroid have realized that this medication also helps to resume the production of natural testosterone in the body.

Anavar and all the basics you need to know

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Anavar is considered an anabolic steroid that belongs to class 1. The advantage it gives to all athletes is that it has mild androgenic properties so it is quite safe for certain users (especially women).

The steroid has been used within several clinical purposes including victims of significant muscle loss, burns, and even severe bone pain.

One of Anavar’s less known uses is that it increases the body’s ability to absorb calcium, which helps strengthen bones. For this reason, some doctors have begun to choose to prescribe it to patients with bone deficiencies.

It is good medicine that has been recognized by several people because it produces excellent results without serious side effects for people. In fact, there are those who testify that they only had beneficial effects.

With Anavar, you can produce a great gain of muscle mass and without retaining water.

It is very good for increasing lean muscles since it eliminates fat by controlling appetite. And the results can be even better when accompanied with proper exercise and diet.

This drug is considered as a potent anabolic steroid that has a half-life of 8 to 9 hours.

There are those who consider all this time a little short but everything is because Anavar is easily absorbed into the bloodstream and you don’t have to wait so long for the body to process it.

Anavar’s role in bodybuilding competitions

Most people who use Anavar are bodybuilders and athletes.

When a competition is coming they are willing to start this treatment in order to improve their performance and perform better during the event.

The reason they use it is that it is capable of increasing muscle strength and increasing metabolic rate.

Rapid recovery and endurance also increase and that is why it is easier to burn fat since you can start spending much more time in the gym.

On its own, Anavar is not designed to increase the volume (remember that this medicine has an anabolic nature), but it is very good to help maintain the lean muscle that has already been gained.

Anavar is an alpha C17 alkylated steroid, which is why it survives easily when it passes through the liver.

Its administration is done orally which makes the level of liver toxicity much lower.

For patients who are under medical treatment, Anavar 50mg does not cause significant and serious side effects.

It is very common to see wrestlers, bodybuilders, and athletes developing muscle and improving performance.

Does Anavar affect libido?

This steroid is reputed to get along with the production of natural testosterone, but it is true that with lower prescription doses there is no chance of any side effects.

Even so, bodybuilding doses provide a higher risk since they are higher than those prescribed for diseases.

According to several scientific studies related to Anavar, administration of only 15mg for more than five days resulted in a substantial reduction in testosterone levels in test subjects.

Significant suppression means that the doses can affect people who do not consume the amount of Anavar they require.

One of the consequences that have attracted the most attention when using Anavar is that interacting with hormones can affect people’s libido.

Sexual desire is something that many people value and losing it can mean something very serious. Therefore, you should try to stay within the stipulated doses so that you do not experience this side effect.

How to prevent decreased libido?

Each person is a world and it is necessary to know that the doses are not always going to be similar. There are some people who may experience the loss of libido because the amount of Anavar they are consuming is not ideal for them. But there are ways to prevent it.

Depending on the person, the dose of 40mg may affect sexual desire. If this is your case, we suggest you talk to your doctor and request a medication that helps you prevent this side effect.

One of the medications that are most efficient in preventing loss of sexual desire is Proviron. This compound cancels the suppression effect and even deals with problems such as hair loss and as an extra allows you to harden more muscles that you have already gained. 25 mg for 14 days will be more than enough.

You can start with a test dose and you will see how your sexual desire is protected and also the treatment you started during this cutting phase is not affected. 200 mg per week is what is normally styled and if everything goes well with Proviron and Anavar you can continue the treatment for another week.

Other drugs that help you maintain sexual desire are Avena Sativa and Tribulus. With only 3 or 4 g of oats Sativa and 4 – 7 g of Tribulus you can prevent the loss of libido.

Tips for using Anavar

Anavar is a super safe compound for both men and women. It does not virilize and the best part is that it helps to maintain the muscles that you have already obtained from previous cycles with other steroids. It is more effective during the last part of the cutting cycle.

One of the best ways to consume Anavar is to take the indicated dose daily for at least eight weeks with a 10-day break every two weeks between cycles. As long as you do this, we are sure that you will have an excellent cycle and you will see the results you want.

A medicine that has this safety profile and gives you the results you want is one that you will always be able to trust. Anavar has earned the respect of many people around the world due to all the benefits it gives to patients and athletes.

Now that you know the doses you should take, be sure to check with your doctor and begin the cycle that will lead you to improve all your physical performance and achieve the image you want. You will also need to find Anavar for sale from trusted source with high quality.

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