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Most popular Oxandrolone cycles for cutting

Most popular Oxandrolone cycles for cutting

Oxandrolone is an anabolic steroid more popularly known as Anavar. It is functional in its cycles and its use. Its versatility in the ability is much higher than with other steroids.

Most steroid cycles are considered toxic to liver but Oxandrolone cycle is not in that category.

Its hepatotoxicity cannot be compared with other steroids.

Producers of this steroid clearly stated that dosage doesn’t metabolize it so much as it does with other oral anabolics.

Experts in this field find it essential when it comes to low impact on hepatotoxicity.

Study about Oxandrolone cycle

Researh has showed that Anavar has very low level of BSP or sulphobromophthalein in comparison with other anabolic steroids such as Norethandrolone, Methandriol, Fluoxymesterone, Methyltestosterone.
BSP is a signal of hepatotoxicity.

When it comes to the light impact on hepatotoxicity, Anavar is on the first place.

This is the reason why Anavar cycles can be prolonged to 8-10 weeks which is not possible with other steroids. The longer you take it the higher the chance of side effects regarding the liver so a user must be extra careful.

Our recommendation for prolonged cycles is to run it with good support supplement for liver.

Oxandrolone cutting cycle

The nature of Anavar allows it to be effectively used for numerous purposes such as during fat loss cycles.

In combination with other anabolic steroids it is also great for increasing the muscle mass and strength.

Oxandrolone is commonly used with other steroids that have the same properties. Those would be no conversion to estrogen and no water retention. Examples of that would be Masterone and Tren.

If used together with Testosterone it can successfully sustain the normal body functions in natural Testosterone deficiency.

Oxandrolone is one of rare steroids that have light suppression on Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis or HPTA.

Recommended dosages for the cycle

Bodybuilders have much larger dose than athletes and fitness enthusiasts. That will show a high influence of suppression on testosterone levels.

Few years ago, there was this research that conducted 5 test subjects and put them on Anavar cycle. It was only for 5 days with a minimal daily dose of 15mg. The results obviously showed a decrease in testosterone levels. They started with 450ng/dl and ended up with 280ng/dl which is equivalent to 35%.

People who decide to go for Anavar don’t take 15mg a day as that is nothing. 30mg a day is a minimal Anavar dosage that athletes use, and bodybuilders tend to use 50-80mg a day. When you compare this dose with the one from the study, you can expect even bigger suppression.

Since Anavar is suppressive composite on HPTA, our recommendation would be to use Testosterone in every anavar cycle.

Oxandrolone beginner cycle

Anavar beginner cycle is 12 weeks in total. Weeks 1-12 are for Testosterone Enanthate with a weekly dosage of 300-500mg. Weeks 1-8 are for Anavar with a daily dosage of 30-40mg.

Beginners should not exceed a weekly maximum of 280mg.

This dose is considerable since the length of Anavar cycle is 8 weeks and that is few times longer than with other oral steroids.

That is all thanks to its light effects on hepatotoxicity which allows it to be used for longer than just 4-6 weeks like with the rest of steroids.

In order for new users to have an easy direction and timing of the dose, Testosterone is taken in the form of long ester.

The complete cycle length when stacked is sometimes even longer than 12 weeks.

Testosterone in weekly dosages of 300-500mg serves as a major help in Anavar cycle.

You should also know that the probability of water retention due to estrogen conversion is higher since Testosterone at higher doses works like that.

So sometimes, you could end up with a soft and swollen appearing body.

But nonetheless this is a well combined cycle to provide you with lean muscle mass and bulk. You can find Anavar for sale here and start stacking.

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Intermediate Oxandrolone cycle

Anavar intermediate cycle is 12 weeks in total. Weeks 1-12 are for Testosterone Enanthate with a weekly dosage of 100mg. Weeks 1-8 are for Anavar with a daily dosage of 70mg.

Testosterone dose of 100mg a week helps maintain the normal physiological functions and help with TRT or Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

In this cycle, Testosterone is more of an assistant than a major muscle influencer.

In the same cycle, Anavar dose is increased making it more effective.
Daily dosage of 70mg and a weekly maximum of 490mg is what increases the strength drastically.

This is a great and effective cycle to increase lean muscle mass and fat loss with decreased chance of estrogen conversion since testosterone is taken in the smaller dose.

Advance Oxandrolone cycle

Anavar advance cycle is 8 weeks in total. Every other day you take 25mg of Testosterone Propionate and 100mg of Trenbolone Acetate and a daily dosage of 100mg of Anavar.

Advance cycles like these require short-estered steroids such as Tren Acetate and Testo Propionate.

These are used to increase blood plasma levels in hormones at faster rate than with long-estered steroids. Strong, fast acting and hard-hitting form is the result.

This Anavar cycle is convenient for achieving your goals such as fat loss, bulk and increase in lean muscle.

The whole cycle is rotated with powerful supplements that are stacked in order to ensure the best possible results.

We suggest putting some work in dieting and exercise as that will maximize your results.

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