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Discover every benefit that Anavar has for you

Discover every benefit that Anavar has for you

You may have known it with the name oxandrolone but commercially it is called Anavar. Anavar is one of the most popular steroids that exist since Anavar benefits are for everyone who tries it.

It is quite soft and safe since its side effects are practically minimal.

Women enjoy the benefits of Anavar the most. In fact, there are those who say it is a steroid for women because of how soft it can be.

Still, it can be used by men quite successfully as long as they consume the doses that their body needs and can tolerate.

Now why use Anavar?

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, the important thing is that you complete your cutting cycles in the best possible way. And in fact, Anavar is one of the most used medications for this stage of an athlete’s training.

Most users tend to include it in their treatments to keep all the work they have been doing.

Anavar is an anabolic steroid that can be consumed orally. The best part of all is that it is a fast-acting drug. Its efficiency is very high and because it directly affects lean tissue and the activity of the athlete’s metabolism.

You may have read in some places that Anavar is not very good at making you gain muscle tissue, but this is not quite true.

What happens is that it does not do it quickly and immediately like any other steroid you may be accustomed to. Even so, profit is very possible and more if you are a woman.

Remember that men use it more than anything during the cutting and dieting phase.

You can use Anavar to support and maintain the growth of the muscles that you have already been doing. Although there are users who have tried it and say that it is not very good to increase the volume.

And this is something you should be very clear about. Oxandrolone is not a steroid to add mass, but to help you maintain it.

When you start taking Anavar during the cutting phase, it is because you need to resume the entire testosterone production process that your body has decreased. In fact, you do not start taking this medicine because you want to gain more muscle mass quickly because that is what other types of steroids are for.

The advantage that Anavar brings you is that it allows you to maintain the lean muscle mass that you have gained during your normal steroid cycle.

It also continue to gain a little more but for a longer period of time than with any other anabolic steroid. It should be mentioned that the muscle mass you gain comes without any retention of water or extra fat.

Anavar is a mild steroid that should be consumed in slightly higher doses than other medications. Especially when you want to see significant growth even while in the cutting phase.

Why do female athletes prefer Anavar?

According to many experts, Anavar is a steroid intended for women as it has greater benefits for them than for men. Even they have a great tolerance to Oxandrolone with respect to any other steroid.

The favorite part of women regarding oxandrolone is that the side effects are almost minimal. There are some women who in fact do not experience any side effects because they abide by the treatment responsibly and also take the doses that their body needs.

The results that women get with Oxandrolone are good enough and meet the expectations that each person has. The athletes who compete professionally, are the ones that Oxandrolone most recommend among their partners, whether beginners or not. They recommend it mostly for use during the cutting stage.

The doses that are indicated indicate to women when they are going to start an Anavar cycle are 10-20 mg and in a cycle of six weeks at a time. Of course, there are women who consume more than 20 mg and that does significantly increase the risk of side effects.

If you are thinking of starting treatment with higher doses than usual, I recommend consulting with subject matter experts. It is not good that you take this initiative on your own as it is necessary that you protect your body from any eventuality that may occur.

How to administer Anavar pills?

The trick so that everything goes well with Anavar is in the doses.

How many milligrams of this medicine are you going to consume is what matters most when you are starting treatment?

Also, remember that the doses of each person vary depending on the metabolism and the needs that the body has.

In the case of female athletes, a dose is much lower than that consumed by a man. The reason is that women are much more sensitive to oxandrolone than a man and therefore, a low dose would have the same effect as a high dose in a man. Even so, the benefits will be the same. Equally positive.

Use it as a loading agent

If you are thinking that Anavar is going to make you gain muscle mass, you are wrong. This medication does not contribute to significant gains in muscle mass as another anabolic steroid would during a normal training phase. It is good at creating lean muscle tissue, but it does so very slowly. That is, the gain is not entirely significant.

For there to be a significant gain you need at least 50mg – 100mg per day. And it is a very dangerous dose that is rarely recommended. Even so there are doses that are quite recommended and in fact, are very accessible for everyone’s budget.

anavar for sale

You can get at least 10 mg tablets for only $ 1 or $ 2.

But this dose is for men. Remember that women need a lower dose because if you use another you can face severe side effects. The doses for women tend to be 5 mg although there are doctors that vary depending on the body.

Where to get Anavar for sale?

One of its biggest drawbacks is that its price in the market can be a bit high. But this is something that happens if you buy it at a physical pharmacy.

Although, It should only be purchased at pharmacies recognized for an issue of availability and safety. We do not want to sell you a fake product. But it is still possible to buy it online.

Finding Anavar for sale is something simple and in fact, it is one of the things that are mostly done.

The reason is that it is more comfortable since you do not have to leave the comfort of your home and much less you have to spend more money than necessary.

Online you get bottles with more than 50 or 100 pills so you can cover your treatment.

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